Audre Lorde
photo by Dagmar Schultz

A Radio Profile of Audre Lorde, 1988
Great for the classroom and your home

An hour-long profile which weaves together conversations and readings by the author and comments by feminist writers and scholars including Adrienne Rich, Alice Walker, Joseph, Beam, Mary Helen Washington, Kate Rushin, Evelyn Hammonds and Angela Bowen.

” A timeless, magical hour of radio…a work of art.”
– Professor Emily Erwin Culpepper

“I have returned to this profile many times to help direct my own journeys.”
– Jacqui Alexander, transnational feminist scholar and activist.

” I cried and I laughed out loud and I cried some more.  I sat with two candles burning as the sun went down and a mug of tea was getting cold next to me and I didn’t move for an hour.”
– Susanna J. Sturgis, poet