Out of the Blue: Aleta’s Stories


This poignant collection is about a journey of self-discovery, childhood innocence and experience. Her stories are unflinching, unpredictable, timeless and universal. Unique and important addition to literature and fiction for young adults, women, African American Studies, Women’s Studies, Ethnic Studies, American Studies.


Angela Bowen’s extraordinary collection of short fiction, captures the complexity, poignancy, joys, and sorrows of growing up Black and female and poor in Boston during the ’40s.  Remarkably wise, resilient, spunky, and mature, Aleta defies stereotypes about race, gender, and class during the Jim Crow era.  You will love Aleta, marvel at her character, and know she will triumph!!
Director, Women’s Research & Resource Center
Professor of Women’s Studies, Spelman College

Aleta’s coming of age stories are vividly drawn and intensely cinematic. I found myself reflecting about my own childhood, and how I would deal as an adult with the issues that arise in Aleta’s intriguing stories.
Associate Professor, California State University, Dominguez Hills

These deeply moving stories of Aleta’s childhood are extraordinary for the immediacy and authenticity of one smart, brave little girl’s efforts to interpret and negotiate her way in the world.
Author, Desert Years: Undreaming the American Dream


Dear Reader,
Aleta’s Stories are based in both fact and fiction. I grew up in Roxbury in the 1940s and 50s, and vividly remember the different neighborhoods where my family lived. These characters represent a combination of people I have known, although some are pure fiction.

Growing up, I considered my life boring until I discovered dancing; as an adult, I came to appreciate those growing up years, despite how poor we were. My household was rich in conversations, political perspectives, life lessons, and culture, which I enjoyed weaving into the stories.

I have lived with Aleta’s Stories for a long time, and over the years I have shared them with friends and family. The comment that delights me the most is that they remind people of their own lives. I hope this is true for you.
Angela Bowen

Out of the Blue:  Aleta’s Stories (signed by author)
142 pages, 12 stories, 5 photos

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Out of the Blue:  Aleta’s Stories (unsigned)
142 pages, 12 stories, 5 photos

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