Nice Chinese Girls Don’t


Log Line

Through narration and poetry, Kitty Tsui, a Chinese American lesbian poet, writer, activist, artist and body builder, talks about coming of age in San Francisco in the 1970s, and her life now as an old lesbian.

Brief Description

This is the first documentary about a Chinese American Lesbian. Kitty Tsui tells of her arrival as an immigrant to San Francisco and, amidst the anti-Vietnam war protests, finding her way to San Francisco State. She became one of the founding members of Unbound Feet, the first Asian American performance group now recognized as the catalyst that sparked the Asian Pacific feminist and lesbian movements. An award winning author, she has penned three books and been included in over eighty anthologies worldwide.

Her work deals explicitly with being both Chinese and lesbian. She won a bronze medal at Gay Games II and the gold at Gay Games III. The sum of these achievements plus a controversial photo on the cover of On Our Backs launched her into celebrity and notoriety. Tsui talks about her rise and fall from grace and being re-discovered decades later by a new generation of Asian Pacific Lesbians.

This short was created for the Old Lesbians Organizing for Change Conference in August of 2017.  It received a Standing Ovation!  It also screened that the reunion of Unbound Feet, in fall 2017, and received high praise and great enthusiasm at the gathering.