We have just kicked off this campaign. We hope to hear from you as soon as possible to help us with this critical need to keep Angela home and healthy. And PLEASE re-post this by helping to get the word out.
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The Bad News: Angela Bowen has Alzheimer’s. The Good News: She is still with us being her loving and magical self.

In addition to the Alzheimer’s, which she has had for about 5 years, she had to have surgery for 2nd stage colon cancer on Halloween, and contracted C.DIIF’s in the so called Re-Hab hospital, which sent her back to Long Beach Memorial Hospital. We need more care than we have had.

This is where you come in: We need funds desperately for her overnight care. This is critical to her healing and health. Angela’s Long Term Health Insurance only covers 6 hours a day. Our caretaker arrives at 9AM and leaves at 3PM.

We have a wonderful private CNA caretaker who arrives at 4:30 AM and leaves at 9AM. I provide the care through the night time hours. At minimum, we need 8 hours of overnight care, not only to maintain Angela’s health, but mine as well.

WE ARE IN URGENT need for community support. This includes the critical financing. WE need all the help we can get. Even if you can only contribute $11.00 that would provide us with another hour of care. So you can why we need everyone to dig in as deep as you can to help KEEP ANGELA AT HOME.

At the very least, PLEASE re-post. For those of you who knows Angela she is a formidable women who has inspired untold numbers of people. Let’s keep her health at home and pay it forward.