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 “Passionate Pursuits is a compelling portrait of an important figure in the evolution of contemporary Black feminist history in the United States. The extraordinary life of Angela Bowen—dancer, writer, scholar, activist, professor— provides a window on important aspects of 20th century African American history, women’s history and LGBTQ history. Jennifer Abod’s documentary film is inspirational, informative, complex, humorous, a must-see for Women’s Studies, Black Studies, and Queer Studies classrooms. Great Film.”

Beverly Guy-Sheftal, Professor of Women’s Studies, Spellman College

Distributor:  Women Make Movies

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Upcoming Screening

October 28th 5:30-8PM  aCal State Long Beach, Beach Auditorium

First Floor of Student Union  x

Best parking will be in Parking Lot 1, just off of Bellflower

Also visitor spots on the other side of the USU on State University Drive.  The meters take credit cards.

November 11th  New Haven International Film Festival  World Premiere 7PM

Post Production Screenings

Cal State Long Beach

Bright Lights Film Festival, Emerson College, Boston

Roxbury International Film Festival

Arts and Ideas Festival, New Haven, CT,

Museum of Tolerance, Palm Springs,

A Journey Through Dance, The Caldwell Dance Center, New Haven, Ct

Outside the Frame: Radical Queer Film Festival, San Francisco

Claremont Graduate School

Reel Sisters of the Diaspora Film Festival & Lecture Series

Old Lesbian Organizing for Change National Conference


Inspiring, mind-blowing.  The film and Angela Bowen’s story have not only allowed me to validate my being, but I’ve literally been given permission to live my life and to pursue my dreams.  I just, for whatever reason, needed to hear it.  The work, the film and her life, will forever leave a profound impact on me.  Thank you so much.
           Jackie Gonzales, RN & University Student

So freakin upbeat but real, fearless, funny, kickass.

Julie Oatfield, Student

Passionate Pursuits is that rare documentary built upon a dynamic relationship between subject and filmmaker. Angela Bowen encapsulates in her life and work all of the major social movements that energized us from the 1950s to the present.

Jayasri Hart, Filmmaker-Hartfilms

This is a fantastic, informative and moving film that should be viewed by students in women’s and gender studies, GLBTQ and Queer Studies programs and classes, African American and Ethnic Studies programs. This film is a must see for high school and college students as well as the general public.  Angela Bowen’s contributions to the world of classical dance as well as her subsequent activism on behalf of women’s and GLBTQ rights demands greater exposure.

Linda M. Perkins, Associate University Professor and   Director    of Applied Women’s Studies

I saw the film at MFA. Knocked me out. I learned about the Elma Lewis School as soon as I moved to Cambridge. Who knew Angela was her right hand? I wish I had met both of you much earlier than I did. The film enriches us all.

               Reebee Garofalo, Professor,Media & Technology
College of Public and Community Service at U Mass Boston

The movie was shown at the Tolerance Education Center in Palm Springs during February, Black History Month to a Standing Room Only crowd.  People said that they fell in love with Angela and the film.  The crowd was wonderfully mixed as far as age, ethnicity, race, etc.  I am looking forward to showing this wonderful film again as many have told friends and family about it and there is great interest and enthusiasm.

Ruth Debra
            National Steering Committee – Old Lesbians Organizing for Change 

We showed the film at the Outside the Frame, Queers for Palestine film festival in June at The Brava Theater.  The story of this brilliant woman held our audience in its spell. The quiet was only broken by occasional ohs, ahs, and laughs with our protagonist. When the film ended, the applause was loud and enthusiastic – the most enthusiastic, I believe, for any of the films shown over the weekend. Comments were wildly complementary.

Happy/L.A. Hyder, Visual Artist & Writer

 This is the first film I’ve walked out of and felt like I can be whoever I want to be and I could take others with me. Truly inspirational. I want to share it with everyone!

Rosalie Tolentino, Software Consultant

The film illuminates so much history of the U.S. around racism, feminism, misogyny, and homophobia. Angela’s life story reminds us how important it is to be true to oneself and to inspire others to do likewise.

Carla Schick, Math Teacher

I love the connections between auto/biography and history. When I came home, I thought: “You know what this is a love story!” Yes, a real humdinger. I felt privileged to have experienced it.

Carol Ockman, Professor of Art History

Williams College

 I am a retired professional dancer, having danced with the Merce Cunningham Dance Co. and the Viola Farber Dance Co. in New York, and I had my own company here in the LA area for six years (1978-1983).  I also taught at California State University, Long Beach for 21 years in the Dance Department.

What struck me in the film was the hope for a second or even third life after dancing.  This can be a problem for many dancers as they train so long and hard for a career that usually ends in their thirties or early forties.  Your film “Passionate Pursuits” shows, no proves that anything is possible if one puts her/his mind to it.  I taught and now am about to publish my second book.

         Jeff Slayton, Dance Professor, emeritus

An exemplary balance between the difficult obstacles Angela has faced in life and the grace and strength with which she handled them. Truly excellent editing and direction

Maythee Rojas, Former colleague-Professor CSULB

It’s a very powerful and informative documentary that captures Angela the dancer, the teacher, the activist.  It’s a must see by every activist who in any way feels passionate about any social and/or political issue.  Angela epitomizes the importance of forming allies on many fronts and speaking loudly against all forms of bigotry and oppression.  You Jennifer have done an incredible job of capturing the complexity of an unsung shero.

        A Billy Jones, Founder-National Coalition for Black Lesbians and Gays