The Passionate Pursuits Post Card

Postcard Front 08-30-12 In the cannon of documentary films, stories exploring the complexities of black women’s lives are rarely told: black feminists are seldom heard nor seen, and black lesbians are practically invisible.

This is the story of a black girl who came of age during Jim Crow in inner city Boston – her discovery of dance, and where that led. When she was married with two children and running a dance school in the heart of the black community, she discovered feminism and soon realized her desire for a different life, leading her to a new city and a new identity.

Bowen’s stories reveal how the challenges of race, class, gender, age, and sexuality played into her decisions and strategies for survival.

Her stories are unique, candid and funny. Bowen’s former dance mentor, her family, former students — dance and academic, activists, educators, and colleagues, show the depth of her Influence and bridge her passionate pursuits across the decades.

“This film is amazing. This film not only chronicles Angela Bowen’s evolution, but the shaping of a time and details to the path to advocacy and social activism.”

-Marc Loveless, Executive Director Coalition for Justice Chicago, IL

“Women LOVED the film. Were thrilled, inspired and engaged! Great conversation was sparked!” -Rain and Thunder a Radical Feminist magazine, Northampton, MA

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