Reviews of Passionate Pursuits

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“Abod’s vision and artistic dexterity spans a beautifully complex arc of time that brings Angela Bowen’s genius to light. See Passionate Pursuits again and again and remember to spread the word.”
M. Jacqui Alexander, Women and Gender Studies, University of Toronto

“There are tons of great music choices, interviews, photos and archival footage shots. But most importantly, you’ll feel like you truly know a brilliant woman that should be on everyone’s radar.”
Daniela Costa, After Ellen

“Passionate Pursuits is a compelling portrait of an important figure in the evolution of contemporary Black Feminist history in the United States. The film highlights vital aspects of 20th century African American history, Women’s history & LBGTQ history. Abod’s film is inspirational, informative, complex, and humorous.”
Beverly Guy-Sheftall, Professor Women’s Studies, Spelman College

“A wonderful documentary!”
Andy Vaca, Department Chair, CSULB Department of Dance

“My students couldn’t stop talking about the film and I know that it spoke to some of them in very personal ways regarding both sexuality and race as young dancers. In addition to showing it to my students this year I hope to use it in my curriculum for years to come.”
Alison Hart Dance Director, Renaissance High School for the Arts

“The city presented a screening of the excellent documentary ‘The Passionate Pursuits of Angela Bowen’…with Professor Bowen and filmmaker Jennifer Abod in attendance. The film was met with a rousing and sustained standing ovation and we were thrilled and honored to include it as part of the Lesbian Speakers Series.”
Corey Roskin, Social Services Specialist, City of West Hollywood

“Fantastic, informative, moving.”
Linda M. Perkins, Director Applied Women’s Studies, Claremont Graduate University

“An unflinching eye to a life’s journey…of an exceptional black feminist, dancer, mother and social justice organizer.”
Emery Grant, Stonewall National Museum & Archives