Reviews of Passionate Pursuits

“Abod’s vision and artistic dexterity spans a beautifully complex arc of time that brings Angela Bowen’s genius to light. See Passionate Pursuits again and again and remember to spread the word.” M. Jacqui Alexander, Women and Gender Studies, University of Toronto “There are tons of great music choices, interviews, photos and archival footage shots. But … Continue reading


PRESS RESOURCES        trailer:  “Passionate Pursuits is a compelling portrait of an important figure in the evolution of contemporary Black feminist history in the United States. The extraordinary life of Angela Bowen—dancer, writer, scholar, activist, professor— provides a window on important aspects of 20th century African American history, women’s history and LGBTQ history. Jennifer Abod’s … Continue reading

Interview with jennifer abod, phd Please share! Interview with a graduate student at Claremont College prior to a wonderful screening. Here is also a link to a Fabulous event in New Haven in June. Please share widely and post comments. I sure would like to know if folks are looking at this site. Also, please donate or purchase stuff. We need … Continue reading